Wednesday, 14 November 2012

People are good.


Something really, really cool happened to me today and I wanted to share it here because, well, that's what I do. But also because it's really pretty inspiring.

It actually started a few weeks ago when I posted about the H&M Playhouse that I desperatly wanted to buy for Ben. It was only available in the UK, and so I pouted and started to look for DIY playhouse ideas on Pinterest.

But, then I got an email from a reader named Nikki. She lived in the UK, and said she would be happy to buy one for me and send it. WOW. So nice right? Now, I know what you're thinking, it's risky to send a random person money, probably just as risky as sending money to that Mr. Mohammad guy who always emails you at work looking for about a million dollars. BUT. Lovely Nikki understood this, and offered to pay for the playhouse and shipping, and I could pay her when I received it. YA.

Again,playing it safe (I do have a sweet boy living here with me after all!) I sent her the address of my father's company, and within a few business days, there it was. My brand new H&M Playhouse, all ready for me to set up and make Ben's Christmas morning extra special.

I have spoken with Nikki quite a bit now, I've sent her the money via Paypal and will be sending her an extra special thank you gift too. But, I just can't believe how genuinely kind she was to do this. As I said to her, she has restored my faith in humanity! People are so lovely, it's easy to focus on all of the crappy things we hear, but this is such a great example of how thoughtful and nice people can be. She took time out of her day to buy it, package it, ship it, just because she reads my blog and knew I wanted to give this to my son. It literally brings tears to my eyes!

Nikki, I know you're not a major commenter on here, ha ha, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. I know it doesn't seem like a huge deal, but I know the look that will be on my little Ben's face when he sees it, and it will be PERFECT. You are a very kind soul for doing this for us :)

I also feel really inspired by this, and I want to try to go out of my way to do something nice for someone for no reason in particular this holiday season. I want to spread this happy feeling around a bit!


  1. That is amazing...denitely worth paying it forward

  2. That's awesome. I had a similar experience where I wanted to buy a necklace for my Mom off a USA only website. And someone reached out via twitter and offered to buy it for me, and ship it to me. One week later it arrived. It's amazing what social media does to connect people. Love it.

    1. That's amazing! There are such sweet people in the world :)

  3. I love this! when I found a pair of gently used Frye boots for a fraction of the price on a Saskatchewan kijiji ad of all places, I didn't really expect the lady to to trust I was legit, but she DID! My new gently used boots and the story behind them make me smile every time I look down at my feet.

    I'm SO happy it worked out for you (and Ben).


  4. Wow what a great story. Nikki seems like a fabulous lady! I'm glad Ben got his playhouse!

  5. I love that! And I love that you shared that. It made my heart warm.


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