Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Benjamin - Nineteen Months!


So, um, ya, this is like really late. But what can I say, today Ben wasa good napper so I finally had a chance to get some things done. So, here he is!

Let's just say it, his hair is weird. I mean, we're at a weird stage with it, we don't want to cut it, but he has my horrible cowlick and so it looks like this. Yes, he's still adorable, but I don't know what to do with those long blonde locks!

Ben is a talking machine these days. He is more and more affectionate (which I LOVE) and he's so funny. Like really, really funny. Still cheeky. Of course. But amazing overall. We love him to bits.

Ben's past monthly pics so far.


  1. He just gets more and more sweet.....btw, this shirt is on Dad's Christmas list. Well, in a slightly bigger size but the same.
    And I love his blonde curls AND his cowlick. We all have it.

  2. wow.......he looks so grown up here! I can't wait to squeeze that little face!! xoxo

  3. handsome boy.. and I LOVE his hair, cowlick and all!!


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