Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Our new Ikea tv unit

The other day I mentioned some changes in our living room, and it's all done! What do you think?


I am soooo happy. There is SO much storage, and it's enclosed which is my favourite kind. We ended up getting little glass doors for the top shelf as well, so great. I think we're going to put a little shelf in there above the tv, but for now I'm happy just as it is. 

I know wall units in general are kind of lame, but seriously, this one is pretty cool. And now I have a spot for my stacks of magazines! YES!


  1. Your home is so pretty. I looooove the greyscale.

  2. Christmas came early for Mrs. Duckworth - I.love.it.

    I wonder what the empty space between the upper shelf and tv would look like with a couple framed B&W photos?

    and quit making me look bad with your clean house, DIY's and regular blog posts... jeesh :P

    1. Oh I love that idea! And ha ha, no one can make you look bad my dear, you're out there saving the world! You RULE.


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