Monday, 17 December 2012

There are no words.


For days now I've been half glued to and half hiding from the media. I have tried to write something about it several times now, but nothing can really sum up my feelings for what happened on Friday to the poor sweet children at that school. 

The gun debate is heated, and will be for a while now I'm sure. I'm not going to chime in, because I don't think it will matter. I would prefer that guns didn't exist period, but clearly that can never happen. My thoughts are on those little faces that I keep seeing. Faces just a couple of years older than Ben.

I put Ben down for his nap this afternoon and as he was falling asleep in my arms I held him and said 'I love you' about a thousand times. I can't begin to imagine how much all of those parents just want to hold their babies again. 

Nothing will ever make what happened to those families better. No explanations. No insight into what that man was thinking. There is a huge emptiness in those families now that will never go away.

My heart is broken for every person affected by this unthinkable nightmare. I hope that in time they heal, and can find a tiny glimmer of comfort in thinking of the memories of their little ones. Their time here was far, far too short. 

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