Tuesday, 4 December 2012

These days


Fall has been a lot different this year with Benny being a toddler. In ways it's much easier, but in other ways it's tougher. He's more fun now, and I love that he will give us hugs and kisses, and has new words every day. But MAN is he cheeky. And he pushes it every day, like he knows he's being cheeky and likes getting a reaction. So, I have a lotttt to learn about parenting in this respect. As usual, I'm totally unprepared and lost. 

Apart from his little temper, he's pretty much awesome right now. He claps when I mention going to the park, he still LOVES books, and he's learning so much so fast. I love it!

Most days I find myself getting pretty caught up in the routine of it all. I've become terrible at staying in touch with our friends, taking care of myself, the usual things us Moms neglect. But I also find myself taking for granted the moments with Ben, being so preoccupied with the next nap time or meal. I am trying to slow down and take it all in.

It wasn't too long ago though that I had a perfect Mom moment. The kind that I used to picture long before I actually was a Mom. It was a weeknight, pretty late but just before Billy got home from work. I was listening to music and we were playing, and Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan came on. I picked him up, we danced in the living room and I sang to him. He loved it. And I think it will be one of those moments that I picture when I'm an old lady. I'll take it.



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