Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Benjamin - 20 months!

Days late, again. Why can't I get these up on time? I don't know. But, here he is in all his toddler glory. My sweet little guy!


I wish I could record everything that comes out of this kid's mouth these days. His current favourite words are painting (yep, really), monster, ten, and he is very into saying "Papa, Grandma, Dad, Mom" all in a row, all the time. No idea why. But he thinks it's great.

His sleeping patterns WERE really great, until Monday night, and now we're a mess again. You can never get too comfortable with anything. Ever. But, he keeps us on our toes!!

The biggest change is how fearless he's become, which is TERRIFYING. He likes to climb on our bed and jump and dive and the whole time we're surrounding him just waiting to make sure he doesn't fall off or hurt himself. He runs around with this little unsturdy legs and I wait for the fall and the tears. Thank goodness so far he's proven to be pretty resilient!

I can't believe there will only be four more of these pictures. Crazy!!!

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