Monday, 11 February 2013

The best Grammy's dress. Ever.

Rihanna Red Grammy Dress

So the Grammy's were kind of boring. Poor Billy is so ready for award season to be over. But this dress. Um, I would like to get famous and wear this somewhere please. Jennifer Aniston should wear this but in white to her wedding. Wait, I should have worn this in white to my wedding. Ok. I guess I basically just love it. I'm not a fan of Rihanna at all, but she nailed it. Now if only she would toss her nutcase bf. Whole different story. 

Other things of note about the Grammy's. LL Cool J is a terrible host. The Bob Marley tribute was weird. The Lumineer's were perfect. I still don't know who Frank Ocean is. JT's comeback could have used a little more Jay-Z and a little less JT. 

Via Just Jared


  1. Yup...that's one fabulous dress all right:)

  2. I get the feeling Rhianna needs some professional help where her hideous boyfriend is concerned but like you say, that's a different story. This dress on the other hand is totally perfect.


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