Friday, 8 March 2013

And we're done with the needles...for a while...

Yesterday I wrote about this article, and a few hours later the post disappeared...a few people got a chance to read it, but I'm afraid it's gone forever. Anyway, the point was to have people read the main article anyway and have a laugh, so I hope some of you do!


In other news, we had our last round of shots the other day, and we're done now until Ben is FIVE. Best feeling ever. Those shots KILL ME. Ben did ok, he wept of course, but we got through it and he bounced back and was laughing within just minutes, so I was very happy to see that. And he had a very special present waiting for him at home that he's still very excited about. Brave little man!


How cute is he on that tiny scale? He thought that part was pretty cool. Such a cutie!!

He's doing great health wise, we're so proud of him. I love this age, he's so much fun! A handful, but so much fun, and more affectionate every day. He gives me such cute little kisses every morning and all through the day, he hugs and cuddles...oh I love him so. And he's so smart! He knows his entire alphabet (not in order, but he recognizes every letter and says each one when he sees them). Our next big challenge is numbers, which he's not as great with, but we'll get there!

Now let's hope this post doesn't get deleted somehow! Sheesh... a_sig2


  1. Great article. Thank you for telling us about it.

  2. When we are in the grocery store he points to the aisle numbers and yells "eight"! So adorable. We will practice numbers this weekend.


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