Saturday, 9 March 2013

The missing post!

You guys! A lovely reader, Julie, had my missing post in her Google Reader and sent it to me! How lovely! Thank you SO much Julie!!!


First - yes, I fail at blogging. I know. I used to be so good with the posting! I don't even have good excuses you guys! I've been very busy doing important things like looking for good recipes on Pinterest and trying to find cute ways to wear my hair. Anyway, last night I read this article and I looooved it! It so symbolizes what I've come to believe about being a parent. 


My favourite line was, "You can't win at parenting or homemaking. If you think you're winning then everyone else thinks you're a dick." SO TRUE. I mean, we all know nothing, it's just one big game of trial and error. P.S. Sorry if there are any delicate ears out there. I'm a big fan of cheeky words. Maybe I should start swearing more on the blog? 


Being a parent to this little munchkin still feels very new to me, even after almost two years, and I don't think I'll ever feel like I have the whole thing down. Every day is brand new. Every tantrum, nap, meal, bedtime, are all different and changing continuously. And that is really frustrating sometimes, but it also keeps me on my toes, which is kind of fun (and kind of not fun). 

I do things that I NEVER thought I would do! I remember before I was pregnant all of my 'plans' for when I was a Mom. All out the window. My son is almost two and I'm still (GASP!) nursing him! No, not all day, but after the first year I decided to let him self wean. So it's a bedtime thing, and that's ok! What else...I fed him baby food from (GASP) jars! Dear God!! And you know what? He's totally ok. And he's happy and healthy and our way works for us. There are Moms who don't attempt nursing at all and THAT'S OK! Some Moms do cry it out, some don't, that's ok too! 


We all have access to the same information, and we all have a right to decide what is best for us and our kids. It's actually pretty awesome that everyone does it a little differently.

Anyway, I thought anyone could benefit from reading this and having a good laugh. Also, I thought I would make up for my absence with a healthy dose of Ben pics.


  1. You are a wonderful mother - seeing you in action with Ben is just the best. You make me very proud.


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