Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Toddler entertainment


Today the snow came back, probably because it thinks I'm a big jerk for always complaining about it, so we were indoors and trying to keep busy. 

We started with Storytime at the library which is always fun. When we got home we played with instruments, read seven thousand books, played with trains, had lots of snacks, went through Ben's clothes (99% of which are too small), and watched three episodes of bubble guppies. All this took up about twenty minutes of the day, and Ben was itching for more. It's official. I suck at entertaining my toddler. Feeling like a big failure today. Ben thinks I'm super boring. 


I've been all over Pinterest for activity ideas, and I feel like we've tried them all! Ok we'll not all of them. There was that idea of cooking spaghetti and then mixing it with food colouring and squishing it all over the table to make pasta paintings. NO THANKS. 

We need more ideas, more things to do. The chalkboard wall is only cool for about two, maybe three minutes. 

Tomorrow's mission - get outsiiiiiide. 

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  1. When it comes to toddler entertaining, I think you did pretty good! Just imagine how much more difficult it would be without Pinterest ;) I think at Ben's age, my Chloe was starting to get fascinated with "house" things...her play kitchen, playing mommy to her dolls, sweeping. Maybe he'd enjoy some of the things you do like separating the laundry or rinsing dishes? Just some ideas. Its hard to keep these little ones (and their short attention spans) enthralled!


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