Thursday, 18 April 2013

Living Clean Pt. 2 - Baby


Ben. This is where it all began. My quest to detox our home all started with baby sunscreen, and next thing you know I was tossing every product from our bathroom (into the recycling bin of course!)

I want to make sure I squeeze this in somewhere. A lot of people (myself included) have said to themselves "We grew up using this old stuff and we're fine, it's probably all ok!". Not true. In the chemical world, thousands and thousands of new chemicals are created every year. So the Johnson's and Johnson's shampoo of our childhood is nothing like the the one shelves today. And, look around, we're not that fine. A lot of people aren't well at all. But, I digress...

I searched through many baby products, and there are lots of great choices out there if you look for them. I really, really recommend that you look up each and every product on EWG's Skin Deep and don't settle for anything higher than a 2. Not just the brand, but the actual product itself. 

After a lot of research, I decided to go with Badger for Ben's bath and body products. Do you know this company? They make some seriously wonderful products for the whole family (more on stuff for us grownups coming soon). Fun fact - Badger allows new Moms to bring their babies to work for the first six months after they are born, allowing for hours of baby care time each day, in order to facilitate the bond between Mom and baby. AMAZING. Apart from being such a cool company, their ingredients are perfect. This is what we are using now for Ben:

(Yay! Fun lists of products! This is more like it...)

Badger Chamomile and Calendula Soap - EWG Rating 0 - Lovely delicate soap that can also be used on baby's hair. 

Badger Baby Oil - EWG Rating 0 - This stuff absorbs SO quickly (you can slip pjs on within minutes) and it's so gentle. There is a very delicate smell that comes from the essential oils used (which is the ONLY place any sort of fragrance should ever come from). Love this stuff.

Badger Baby Balm - EWG Rating 0 - Great for little extra dry patches of ezcema or on diaper rash. 

Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen - EWG Rating 1 - A completely safe sunscreen for baby. I'm actually going to use this too. 

Desert Essence Organic Diaper Cream - EWG Rating 1 - A great little tube to carry around with out (I much prefer this to the Penaten tin) and it's free of all the scary stuff.

Note: I love using Badger soap for Ben's hair, but another great product out there is Baby Hugo's Chamomile and Vanilla Shampoo and Bodywash - EWG Rating 1

I had a tough time finding a good place to order this stuff online where I could get delivery to Canada at a good rate, and I ended up going with Uncommon Scents. If you're in the US you'll have a much easier time, and can order from Badger directly. 

Next up in this series...bath and body stuff for us grownups! 


  1. This is seriously so great, Adriane. You are completely right, cancer is so much more common these days, and no one really chalks it up to being any of the products we use on our bodies everyday. The thought always goes straight to what we eat, the air, etc.
    Thanks for bringing the seriousness of this to my attention. You're the best =D

    1. I'm so glad you like this!! I hope I can give you some good ideas ;)

    2. I want to start phasing out some of the gross products we have at home, so you have created an amazing reference point!
      The coconut oil is absolutely on my list!!

  2. Someone told me about the other day. Free shipping in Canada if you spend over $25. It looks like they carry a variety of natural and clean products (many of the ones you listed above)

    1. Amazing, thanks for that tip! I will check that website out for sure!


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