Thursday, 25 April 2013

Living Clean Pt. 4 - Makeup


Finding good, well-priced, clean makeup is tough, and this is probably going to be an ongoing search. Most days I don't wear any makeup, but I like to have a few basics for when we have plans and I like to actually put five or so minutes into my face. This is what I'm starting with, and if anyone has any other great suggestions please let me know!

Physician's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara - EWG Rating 1 - This was my first makeup purchase, because mascara is kind of my top priority when it comes to makeup. This one is amazing! Now, this is a plus for me, but to some it might be a negative - it washes off SO easily, it basically melts as soon as water touches it. I love this feature, because I hate scrubbing my eyes or using eye makeup remover, so this made me fall in love. But, if you usually prefer a more waterproof mascara, you might not love this one as much.

Sappho Cosmetics Foundation - EWG Rating 2 - I ordered a sample of this (discovered this brand through David Suzucki's website) and its incredible foundation. I rarely wear foundation, so this sample will last me a while, probably at least 5 applications, and then I think I will splurge for the full size. It's undetectable on the skin, which I've never been able to find. And the colours are lovely. 

100% Pure Cheek Tint in Pink Grapefruit - (Not listed on EWG, but gets a 10 on Good Guide - the best score - and is recommended by Adria Vasil, Ecoholic author. That along with the ingredient list made me think it was ok.) - Cutest little blush ever. I was pretty addicted to my Mac Pink Swoon, but I actually love this more! This is my first time ever using a blush stick and it's so much more natural looking. Hooked.

Physicians Formula 100% Organic Bronzer - EWG Rating 2 - I don't wear bronzer that often but it's nice to have for the summer months since I do my best not to get a tan. This one is very light and natural. 

Juice Beauty Alicia Silverstone Lipstick - Not listed on EWG, but I went through the ingredients and feel ok with them. For years now my go to lipstick was Mac Cream Cup. It was the perfect nude. Like, perfect. So finding a similar shade that was natural and chemical free was really important, and really tough. But, this shade is so perfect it's crazy. And the packaging couldn't be any prettier.

Beauty Without Cruelty Concealor - EWG Rating 1 - Concealer is pretty crucial for me thanks to my paper thin pale skin and lack of sleep most nights. I've never found the perfect concealor, and this one is good, not perfect, but I'm ok with it.

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Eyeliner - EWG Rating 0 - A simple, black liner, nothing fancy. And nothing gross in the ingredient list.

A note on powder - I had a tough time finding one that I could easily get that wasn't too pricey and that was a 0, but I kept seeing Coastal Classics listed, and I took a look at their ingredients. I also stumbled upon a TON of DIYs for powder on Pinterest, something I NEVER would have thought of trying to make. Just seems kind of gross. BUT. I tried it. And honestly, it's just as good as my old trusty BareMinerals (which gets a whopping 7 on EWG, yikes!) So, I've been using it for weeks and I think I'm set! I'm still going to try to perfect it a bit, and I'll share it if/when it's just right!

That's about all I've looked into as far as makeup goes. I'll leave you with this great photo breaking down some of the scary things found in our beauty products. CRAZY, right?

Image via Delicious Wife

Next up in this series, the last post, will be about cleaning products and other little around the house changes we've made. 

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