Monday, 28 April 2014

Sawyer's Room Tour


My plan was actually to have Sawyer sleep in our room for a few more months, but so far he's been a very good sleeper (knock on wood!!) so I thought I would try him out in his own room and just see how it goes. 

Since I was putting his crib in there anyway, I thought I would take a few official pictures! Because I don't know how to decorate a room without doing things like this, of course.

Anyway, on with the tour!

We used the furniture from Ben's room (he know has a cool big boy bed and we changed out his dresser for an upright one) and kept things very simple. I painted a scene from an Oliver Jeffer's novel for above his crib, so now the boys each have one. There is a lot of pattern going on here, maybe too much (?) but I think it's fun and playful. 

We don't have a mobile yet, but the next time I'm at Ikea i plan on grabbing this one. It's so sweet and I love mobiles that look best from baby's perspective. Anything else seems silly to me.

As he gets older things will change of course, he will need more toy storage and we will have to figure out a good big boy bed option, but that's a while off yet. For now, I love this room. Ben loves it too, he probably plays in here more than his own room these days. That may also be because he's madly, madly in love with his baby brother :)


  1. i love it! I think his room looks fantastic Adriane, you did a great job. I'm definitely going for a black and white palette for boy #2's room too so I must take note lol

  2. It is such a cozy room - I love it. And I think the black and white and patterns are perfect. Sawyer likes it, that's for sure.


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