Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sawyer's Room


So, if youve  been reading here for a long time, you might have thought it was strange that I didn't document every single decision related to Saeyer's room. I know! But the truth is, his room isn't done yet! His room currrently is our room, his crib is tucked in next to our bed which has made my life wonderful for all of those nightime feedings. And there he will stay for a little while, after which we will actually finish up that room of his.

For now, we use it to play in, read in, change diapers, and store unsighlty things like the extra stroller and car seats. Eventually those things will go downstairs and I can make that room just for him. 

And just for fun, a few pics of the boys. I love that we use all of the rooms in this lttle house so much. I think we've really made the most of our space :)


1 comment:

  1. Such a cutie!
    Those days seem like a million years ago now...


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