Wednesday, 14 May 2014



I know there are about 768765 posts on all the blogs about the meaning of motherhood, but I have to add my own, because I want to remember what this time felt like when I'm old and grey and sobbing because my boys never call me. So.

Mother's Day was this past weekend, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with my Mom, Billy's Mom, and both of our lovely Grandmother's. We had a little present for each of them and drank lots of tea, it was really great. I don't see my Grandma nearly as much as I would like to. I love her so, so much.

Anyway, the day is all about appreciating Moms for all that they do. And a lot of the time, I admit, I think about how being a Mom makes me sleepy. But no, being a Mom is really everything. I remember working with Moms over the years and they all gushes nonstop about their kids and I thought to myself that one day I would be a mom and I would not do that. Because people without kids don't care nearly as much as you do about how cute it was when your kid said that word in the cutest wrong way or when he drew a circle for the first time. BUT. It all changed. I'm that Mom all the way. I take seven billion pictures of my boys each day and being a Mom has put my entire 'other' life (you know, career, interests, and whatnot) on hold. And some days I get frustrated by that, but it's all so, so worth it.

One day I'll be back at a job and I will miss these days. I will miss fixing us breakfast each morning, filling up cups of milk all day long. Going to the park, the library, washing hands and faces over and over and over. Reading books about bears and trains and dinosaurs. Bathtimes and storytimes and rocking little ones to sleep. It's all SO good.

My Mom and my Grandma are my heroes. I mean, they've done it all. They are both such good examples for me to follow, to strive for. My Mom is the most driven person I know, she is such a hard worker and she never gives up on anything. She has such a positive outlook on things (not my strong suit) and always encourages me to try things again, or to try things differently. Just to try. Because that's all you can really do, right? 

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there, current moms, future moms, pet moms, everyone. It's such a special thing to be, and we are all so very lucky.

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  1. I know that I am very very lucky to be your Mom......xoxo


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