Tuesday, 6 May 2014



Three. Today our sweet Ben is officially three years old. I know every mother in the world is always saying the same thing, but I can't BELIEVE how fast this went. Please, please slow down time!

The day Ben was born, everything changed. Our hearts literally exploded with love for him. I remember being so terrified when I was pregnant, the entire time. Terrified. It just was unimaginable to me, being a Mom. Having this third person around, all the time. But, as those same moms are always saying, it was the best thing that ever happened to us. When I'm old and grey and looking back on my life, Benjamin (and Sawyer, but this is a Ben post) will be what brought so much sunshine to our lives. Billy and I were happy before he came along, but I don't think we knew just how happy we could really be in life until we laid our eyes on his tiny face.

When I think about holding him for the first time, rocking him to sleep all those nights, watching all of his firsts, ugh, SOB. I could just ball my eyes out. Every day he surprises me, impresses me, (drives me mental), and kills me with his sweetness. 

Seeing him now, as a brother, is something I could have never prepared myself for or imagined. He LOVES Sawyer. Like, it's ridiculous. If hes upset or having a bad moment, he just has to remember Sawyer is there and then all is forgotten, and he just wants to kiss him. It's too much sweetness, and it's the best thing in the world.

Benjamin is our gentle little soul. He's the most kind, loving person in the world. He loves to have a 'nice hug', and loves to hold hands and snuggle. He is so smart it scares me, and equally cheeky (just like his Dad...and maybe his Mom too...). 

We adore him more than we will ever, ever be able to express. Happy third birthday, our sweet sweet Benjamin. Thank you for being such an amazing kid. <3

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