Saturday, 2 August 2014

Battlefield Park

When Billy has a day off and we don't have errands to run, we try to really make the most of it. I hate it when they are filled with boring things like groceries and cutting the grass. The other day we had a day to ourselves and Cass was over, so we wanted to do something awesome. We packed the kids up and headed to Niagara Falls, and then it started POURING. Like, buckets of water non stop forever. So, we packed the kids back up in the car after hiding out under the pizza pizza tent for an hour and drove back to the city. Billy, however, refused to give up, and took us out for ice cream and to this beautiful place. It was still a bit rainy, but it was perfect. 



This tree. LOVE.




Do we look like nerdy tourists, or what?

It's easily one of my new favourite places, I can't wait to go back for a picnic. Perhaps with a discreet wine bottle.


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