Monday, 15 September 2014

Supercrawl 2014

Over the weekend we took a little stroll through Supercrawl, a really great local art/fashion event. So much fun! We have a few interesting ties to this amazing event, my Mom is an organizer of the fashion events (and a pretty cool photo exhibit) and Billy's sister Cass is one of the models (the BEST model, if you ask me). So it was definitely something we couldn't miss.


Perfect weather! Is there anyone who doesn't love September? No. No there is not.


Does anyone remember/miss the local graffiti contest that they used to have on top of Jackson Square? It was so cool.

There's no mistaking this girl for Ben's aunt. She looks more related to him than I do. 

Food trucks. The true keys to my heart.

Supercrawl, see you next year! 

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