Thursday, 11 December 2014

So. Ya. Worst blogger. Ever.


I've been busy you guys. It sounds so funny to write 'you guys' as if anyone is reading, but maybe I'm still stuck in someone's Feedly or something and like three or four people will see this? Well, I have a decent enough reason for my absence. Ready for a story? Grab a tea.

Ok, so year ago, after Ben was born, I got really, really into painting and drawing. More so than ever. So, for a while I was painting. Then I was painting more. Then I was painting stuff for kids. And drawing characters for Ben. And the ideas were really flowing.

I decided I wanted to open a business focused solely on my children's illustrations. I had a million product ideas, and I thought I could really make something of it. And then, Sawyer happened. Lovely, incredibly cute Sawyer. So, sidetracked! The best kind of sidetrack :)

Anyway.....Sawyer arrived, we got used to being a family of four, and the idea returned. And I knew it was time to make things happen.

After speaking with my Mom and Dad, they convinced me to look into this amazing government program that, if you're selected, helps you create a business plan, and implementation plan, and supports you through the whole process. This program involved in class training, a business coach, and a lot of resources not openly available to the public. Very cool stuff.

Well, I applied. And I was accepted. And I went to school. And I finished school. And now I'm on #689354 of my implementation list. It's all happening friends. For real. In a few weeks (!!!!!) I will be able to actually share the shop details. But for now, I'll just say that it's coming. And I REALLY hope you like it!

So, I am going to keep updating, and soon you'll see everything! And updates on the boys to come, of course!

P.S. That Rad as F//k t-shirt is by the one and only Sara of Top Knot Weddings, and yes, you need to buy one.

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