Monday, 12 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015 Fashion - The year the fashion died

Nothing can pull me out of blogger hiding like an award show with hideous dresses. I mean. Last night was atrocious.

Let's talk about what was good, because that's kind of boring. We'll start with my personal fav. Diane.

aandbstoriesglobes (3)

Oh Diane. You are so wonderful. You don't go for the boring strapless numbers we see over and over and OVERRRR. This dress is so beautiful and unique and you should win some sort of fashion medal. Also you and your boyfriend are the cutest and please don't break up.

Next up. Emma. 


This outfit is super cool. I don't know about weird appropriateness fashion rules when it comes to the varying degrees of formality at these shows, but I loved this. 

Channing Tatum's Wife

aandbstoriesglobes (7)

Do you know her name? Come on, you don't. Anyway, her hair is so pretty and the silhouette of this is a little weird but she looks like a beautiful spring flower and I thought it was pretty nice on her. 

Helen Mirren

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This dress really isn't all that great but you guys. Helen is such a babe. I love that she is 69 years old and takes care of herself. She looks amazing. She's super inspiring to me.

Felicity Jones

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I love anything with a different neckline, and the shape of this dress is lovely. She looks so perfect.

Taylor Schilling

aandbstoriesglobes (11)

I'm the only person in North America that hasn't yet watched this girl's show (there's just too much good tv!) but this dress is so good. So good. Well done, girl.

Tiny Fey

aandbstoriesglobes (12)

This dress is really weird but I loved it. Edgy and cool and black and white. Yes.

And now. The bad.

Claire Danes

aandbstoriesglobes (2)

Hi, my name is Claire Danes. I have all of the money in the world and this is the very best dress I could find for this event. Ok Claire. Ok.

Lupita Nyong'o


Dressing for spring doesn't have to be this literal. Actual petals? It's silly.


aandbstoriesglobes (9)

Dear JLo, the 90's JLo called and said it's ok to not wear skin toned lipstick and plunging necklines. We get it. You are bronzed. WE GET IT.

Keira Nightly

aandbstoriesglobes (10)

What. The. F. I've never wanted to use the "I can't even." more than now. But I literally can't even.

My beloved Jennifer Aniston

aandbstoriesglobes (8)

Jen. We need to talk. Let me preface this by saying that I am your biggest fan. For real. I will NEVER FORGIVE BRAD. And I am so so happy to see you nominated. But honestly, when did you stop being good at award show fashion? If you were always bad, this would make sense. And this isn't your worst. The dreaded John Mayer/braided band fiasco outshines this. And this isn't terrible. But you could do SO MUCH BETTER. And you were nominated this year. So this was your year. I'm crying on the inside for you. But, you know what? You found a guy that's cooler than Brad, and so, things aren't so bad for you Jen. Just please fire your stylist. Or hiring one if this is your own doing.

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